Social Innovation Startup Secures R25 000 Digital Drawing Room Sponsorship

As mentioned on our blog last week, we had the privilege of attending the UCT UpStarts Ideas Auction at the Labia Theatre in Cape Town.

As with previous years, the evening brought together 8 social innovation startups, who all pitched their ideas to a room filled with people who, in some way or another, might be able to help them along their way to success.

Some offered cash, others offered their time and experience. Some even offered office space for the startups to work from.

At Digital Drawing Room, we decided to hand-pick one of the startups that we truly believed in, and offered to sponsor them a R25 000 website and branding package.

The theme for this year was Re-Educate Education - each startup had to share their business ideas with us - business ideas that are both profitable, and able to make a lasting difference in the South African education system.

En Route, the startup that we chose, have an amazing vision to address the following problems in the education system:

  • The lack of sufficient and diverse role models in the lives of children from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • A sense of demotivation, apathy, lack of guidance and direction among these children.
  • The lack of career information and therefore, limited educational and life choices.

En Route will help solve these issues by organizing educational field trips for children where they get to experience various working environments, first hand.

A company representative will deliver a talk to the kids, at their school, in mid-week, while the kids will be transported via buses to the company's place of business over the following weekend.

This will enable the kids to learn more about different companies and industries while affording them the opportunity to meet successful people who they can look up to.

By doing this, En Route hopes to awaken the capacity of young minds, to stimulate a hunger for success, to open doors, and to inspire our youth towards a better future. Companies gain brand value through mobile branding, CSI by giving back to the community and talent acquisition from a young age.

"Last year we chose to back a startup called Re:Fresh, who have since gone on to achieve great things", said Ryan Wallace, Head of Online Marketing at Digital Drawing Room.

"We are extremely proud that the startup we backed last year, was selected to speak to this year's startups at the 2016 Ideas Auction. This just shows that we made the right decision and that Re:Fresh were able to make a difference with our sponsorship," he continued.

Having seen the positive difference that these startups can make in their communities, and the difference our sponsorship makes in the success of the startups, Digital Drawing Room are committed to be part of this exciting project again in 2017.

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