Social Media Management & Online Marketing

Your brand is online, whether you like it or not.

Consumers will talk about their experience with your business to their friends. Sometimes these conversations happen in person, and more often than not, it happens online. By having active and monitored social media accounts, you put yourself in a position to communicate with these consumers, allowing you to alter their perception of your brand.

Social media platforms have become a hub for brands and consumers to engage with each other – an entirely new point of contact where brands and consumers offer value to each other in various different ways.

Gone are the days of throwing a line into the ocean, in hopes of finding a lead – with clever and effective Social Media Management and Online Marketing efforts, we can target consumers that are most likely to be interested in your products or services.

The gender, age and location of your ideal customer can all be defined in your Online Marketing campaigns, which means you are saving money by avoiding consumers who might not be interested in your products.

What We Offer

To simplify our offering and to ensure resonance with businesses of all sizes, we have broken our Social Media Management and Online Marketing offering into three packages*.


Starting from R 5 740.00 p/mSilver Online Marketing Package Icon
  • Facebook business page creation
  • Choice of one other social media platform
  • Monitoring, Management, Engagement, Publishing & Sharing
  • Manage 2 social networks with up to 3 posts per week
  • Facebook adverts worth R500 (excl) (this can be increased as per client’s budget)
  • Event creation and management
  • Monthly reports
  • Bi-Weekly content plans
  • 1 Monthly strategy meeting
*Minimum 3-month contract


Starting from R 11 149.00 p/mGold Online Marketing Package Icon
  • Facebook business page creation
  • Instagram account creation
  • Twitter account creation
  • Monitoring, Management, Engagement, Publishing & Sharing
  • Manage up to 3 social networks up to 15 posts per week (across all 3 social platforms)
  • Facebook adverts worth R1000 (excl) (this can be increased as per client’s budget)
  • Monthly reports
  • Weekly content plans
  • 2 blog posts per month
  • Newsletter - Maximum 2 per month
  • Supply a report on the open rate, click-throughs, unsubscribes and other data
  • SEO Management (excludes budget for spend)
  • 1 Monthly strategy meeting
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Website maintenance (3 hours per month)

*Minimum 3-month contract


Starting from R 27 990.00 p/mPlatinum Online Marketing Package Icon
  • Facebook business page creation
  • Instagram account creation
  • Twitter account creation
  • YouTube account creation
  • Daily Monitoring, Management, Engagement, Publishing & Sharing
  • Facebook adverts worth R2000 (excl) (this can be increased as per client’s budget)
  • Event creation and management
  • Weekly reports
  • Weekly content plans
  • Newsletter - Maximum 2 per month
  • Supply a report on the open rate, click-throughs, unsubscribes and other data of the emails sent
  • Up to 3 blog posts per month
  • SEO Optimization and Management (excludes budget for spend)
  • Google Adwords set up and management (excludes budget for spend)
  • Monthly strategy meetings
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Website maintenance (6 hours per month)

*Minimum 3 months
*Should you require a more bespoke solution, this can be discussed during our free consultation.

*Please note note all pricing excludes VAT
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As the biggest social network on the World Wide Web, Facebook has placed itself at the pinnacle of promoting your business online. Facebook allows you to market your business in various ways and is a great tool to place targeted adverts in front of a selected audience. Facebook is also a great two-way communication tool between your business and your customers. Facebook is great for using text, image and video content to promote your business.

Twitter can also be used to post almost anything – text, images and videos can be shared with your audience. One thing to keep in mind is that Twitter only allows you to use 140 characters per post – this is crucial to keep in mind when creating content for your business. With more than 320 million active users, Twitter allows you to reach loads of potential clients and also presents the opportunity to use the platform as a support-line between your business and your customers. Twitter does take a lot of work and time, but when used correctly, it can be very effective for marketing purposes.

Instagram is all about being creative with visual elements like photos and videos. Instagram has grown from strength to strength since the much-talked-about acquisition by Facebook. Since then, Mark Zuckerberg and his team have turned Instagram into a powerful advertising medium where adverts can be posted and metrics can be extracted. When it comes to mobile marketing, Instagram is extremely powerful and a good understanding of the platform can help your brand reach millions of users.

Pinterest is another fast-growing social media platform that relies heavily on image-based content. Pinterest acts like a digital bulletin board where users save and display content that they enjoy in the form of pins. Pinterest users arrange their content in the form of boards which are usually arranged in different categories like “food” and “fashion”. With 80% of users being female, Pinterest is a great option if your target audience is predominantly female between the ages of 25-45.

LinkedIn is the largest and most powerful social media network for business people and professionals. This platform is more serious and users will expect professional and informative information. By producing usable and high-quality information, you can promote yourself as an expert in your field. By using LinkedIn Groups, you can expose your business and expertize to thousands of individuals within your industry.

YouTube is all about video content. With more than 1 billion unique visitors each month, YouTube is the best platform to promote your business, using video content to get your message across. YouTube is owned by Google, which makes it an excellent addition to your Search Engine Optimization efforts – by adding the correct tags and keywords to video content, you can increase the chances of your videos showing up in Google search results. YouTube also has an advert network that allows you to target adverts that are overlaid onto popular videos that potential customers are likely to watch.

Google AdWords
Google AdWords is the online advertising platform that is owned and operated by Google. AdWords run across two networks – the Google Search Network and the Google Display Network. Adverts on the search network will display relevant, keyword-based, adverts within the search results of potential customers. The fact that adverts are displayed to users who are already looking for your services, makes this an extremely powerful advertising method. The Google Display Network consists of banner adverts that are displayed on a network of websites across the internet. The Google Display Network reaches approximately 90% of internet users, ensuring a wide reach of your adverts.

Email marketing
Email Marketing is one of the oldest forms of online marketing but remains one of the most effective ways to convert customers. Some businesses claim that more than a fifth of their sales are achieved through email marketing alone. With effective email marketing campaigns, customers will get a weekly dose of information to help them make decisions on making use of your products or services. Email marketing efforts can be tracked with reports and campaign statistics.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Among online marketing circles, there’s a popular notion that, if your business cannot be found on page 1 of search rankings, then it might as well not be online at all. While this might be a bit extreme, there’s no denying the positive effect that proper SEO can have on your business. In short, SEO refers to certain optimization techniques that are used to improve the way search engines view and rank your website – the higher your ranking, the better your chances of being found by potential customers.

Content Marketing
Without quality content, your social media marketing efforts will be in vain. By compiling a holistic content strategy, content can be spread among all the various online marketing channels, ensuring uniformity in your messaging. Content marketing is the art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling. It is non-interruption marketing.

Mobile Marketing
It is no secret that more and more people are using mobile devices to browse websites and look for information about services and products. The key to mobile marketing is targeting potential clients on the devices they use, with content that is tailor-made for mobile devices.

Live Chat Management
Give your brand a voice and build meaningful relationships by talking to customers over live chat. Live chat has been proven to increase conversions and is a great way of offering support to website visitors. Live chat gives you the opportunities to provide customers with more information at the time when they are viewing your products.

Blog Content & PR
Blogging is a very time consuming aspect of online marketing, but it does offer great value to potential customers. Blogging assists in building credibility among your audience and goes a long way to improving your SEO ranking.

Photo & Video Creation
While some businesses can get away with using stock photos and videos, others require their own photos and videos to be produced. In today’s competitive market, good-quality photo and video content can make the difference in putting you ahead of your competition. Quality photo and video content will assist in improving the overall social media marketing for your business.




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